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Hardcore Mechado
Rock it out with this flavorful tomato beef stew!
For best results, cook with: "Reyna Rock"♫

  • 350 g beef round chunks
  • 100 g potato chunks
  • 5 pc sibuyas Tagalog, peeled
  • 1 pouch (80g) Del Monte Quick n Easy
    Mechado Sauce

  • *Makes 4 Servings
Simmer beef in 1-1/2 cups water for 45 minutes or until tender. Add more water if needed.
Step 1
Drain broth, but reserve ¾ cup of it.
Step 2
Put back the beef in the pan and pour in the reserved broth.
Step 3
Now add in the potatoes and onions.
Step 4
Cook until potatoes are half tender.
Step 5
Mix it up with Del Monte Quick n Easy Mechado Sauce.
Step 6
Season with ¼ tsp fine salt and 1 tsp sugar
Step 7
Cover and simmer over low heat for another 10 minutes.

And that's Mechado! Ready to rock out?
Step 8